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Algebra 1

Algebra 1
This class is currently archived, but if you're interested in it being taught again, you can express your interest here!
09/07/2020 - 05/14/2021
Full Year
1.0 credits in Mathematics
Grades 8-12

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About the course

In the book Restoring All Things, Warren Cole Smith and John Stonestreet state, “…we glorify [God] by learning of Him and His world. To learn is an act of worship.” In the words of Galileo Galilei, “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.” Learning mathematics is a powerful way to worship God.

Algebra I is the starting point for high school mathematics because it is a foundation for future courses in mathematics, science, and economics. In addition, algebraic thinking is a daily life skill. Thus, Algebra I students will continue to develop algebraic thinking instead of merely acquiring techniques to solve problems. Students will begin to move from a concrete understanding of mathematics to abstract generalizations. I would like to show students that mathematics is more than numbers and equations, that it encompasses logical, analytical, and creative thinking. I want to help them develop their problem-solving ability.

Topics covered will include the language and tools of algebra; equations, proportions, and percents; inequalities; functions; systems of equations and inequalities; exponents and polynomials; factoring polynomials; quadratic equations; data analysis and probability; and other algebraic concepts.

This 32-week course includes a weekly 1.5 hour recitation session. Students will be required to watch Thinkwell videos and complete practice exercises before class so they are prepared for in-class discussions and activities. In the videos, Professor Ed Burger teaches algebraic concepts in an entertaining and memorable manner. Grades will be based on chapter tests, mid-term and final exams, class participation, a short essay the first semester, and a short oral presentation the second semester.

Course Objectives:

  1. Students will recognize that mathematics is a beautiful God-given resource.
  2. Students will learn to think algebraically.
  3. Students will reinforce basic arithmetic skills and will learn algebraic concepts.
  4. Students will apply mathematical concepts to real life situations.
  5. Students will discuss the algebraic concepts being learned.


  • Honors Algebra I Online Course by Thinkwell (Discounted price of $70 for students in this course)
  • Students will also need to print some worksheets and tests, and will need a way to scan and submit completed homework and tests. There are several free or inexpensive scanner apps for smartphones, such as Adobe Scan or Genius Scan.

About the teacher

Lori Miller Lori earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Colorado State University: Arts and Humanities in 1984 and French with a secondary teaching certificate in 1987. Discovering a passion for mathematics, she earned an M.A. in Mathematics Education in 2018.