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Higher Education

Kepler partners with various, like-minded institutions to help college-bound students successfully navigate their path to post-secondary education. Whether it is a grant, dual enrollment credits, or something else, each of our partners offers Kepler students a unique opportunity and educational experience that is suited to their particular calling and need.

Dual Enrollment

Colorado Christian University

Kepler students who are college bound can save thousands in tuition through Kepler's dual enrollment partnership with regionally-accredited Colorado Christian University (CCU).

Select classes at Kepler Education are eligible for dual enrollment with CCU and the list is growing. As we continue to build out the dual enrollment program at Kepler, juniors and seniors will be able to earn their A.A., saving them thousands in tuition costs and up to two years studying away at college.

To learn more, schedule an appointment with Kepler's Dean of Academics, or visit Colorado Christian University.

Higher Education Partnerships

Apprentice University Logo

Apprentice University is a private university founded in 2013 and located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through challenging academics and professional work experiences, we prepare intentionally extraordinary young adults to navigate their future careers in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Close community, mentorship, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving are key components of our programs. As a result, our students are readily-employable professionals, who use their skills, knowledge, and strengths to serve others through a biblical worldview.

We offer a robust University program designed and driven by the market, ensuring our students master, apply and demonstrate powerful skills required in the global economy. With programs averaging two and a half years, our students graduate debt-free with nearly 4,000 hours of real work experience!

Our apprentices are working with cutting edge technology in the job landscape of the future such as data analytics, business intelligence, automation, IoT, AI/AR/VR, digital marketing, innovation, and project management, just to name a few.

Contact Ana Everett for more information (ana.everett@apprentice.university) or visit our website.

Read Apprentice University's Core Beliefs.

Gutenberg Logo Header

Gutenberg College is a nationally accredited undergraduate “Great Books” liberal arts program located in Eugene, Oregon. Gutenberg exists to educate individuals and to foster a biblical worldview with a desire to pursue truth conscientiously. Learn more about Gutenberg College.

Gutenberg Grant

Those who have completed at least 3 credits with Kepler are eligible for a $1000, four-year, renewable grant at Gutenberg College. Those who have completed 6 or more credits and the Kepler diploma track are eligible for a $2000, four-year, renewable grant. To learn more, schedule an appointment with Kepler's Dean of Academics, or visit Gutenberg's Grants and Scholarship page on their website.

Iona Project

Iona Project

The Iona Project chapel immersion program offers internships for recent college graduates interested in sharing a common life of prayer, scripture and mutual accountability, while conducting youth ministry in a residential childcare setting.

New Saint Andrews College

New Saint Andrews (NSA) is a private, coeducational, classical Christian liberal arts college founded in 1994 which offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s level degrees. The main campus is downtown at the corner of Friendship Square and Main Street in the historic Skattaboe Block (1891) of Moscow, Idaho.

New Saint Andrews combines a clear and principled voice on social issues, unwavering biblical convictions, and a dedication to academic excellence, in order to create the kind of leaders our culture desperately needs. Our low student to faculty ratio creates close, dialogue-driven classes. Along with our academically rigorous, single-focus major, we deliver on our mission to make students courageous, capable, wise leaders.

Diploma track students completing all four years of high school with Kepler are eligible to apply for New Saint Andrew's merit-based scholarship (up to $10,000 per year). Contact the Dean of Academics, Dr. Robert Woods, for details (robert.woods@kepler.education).