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Kepler is a Marketplace for Live Online Classical Christian Classes

Combining the firm belief that parents are the primary educators with a strong desire to equip and support parents in their task, we exist to make a Classical Christian Education available, affordable, and accessible to everyone who wants one.

Watch this video to learn about our general philosophy of education.


What is called Classical Christian Education today used to simply be called a liberal arts education. But like many words in a dynamic language, liberal arts education doesn't mean what it used to. An historic liberal arts education was the education of the freeman who influenced and ruled society (thus, liberal from the Latin liberalis meaning free).

In a democratic society, such notions of elitism are frowned upon and education is reduced to job training and civic compliance, the education of an industrialized consumer/cog. Though democratic societies tend to strive toward the least common denominator so the masses can all have their fair share—i.e., a mile wide and an inch deep—a democratic society can also afford those who desire to do so, an opportunity to strive for something better. In a democratic society, organizations like Kepler Education can make what was once an elite education available to everyone who wants the education of a freeman.


Given that Kepler is an online platform, a consortium of independent highly-qualified teachers, and not a school, our overhead is much lower than most schools or other academic institutions. We remove the bureaucracy and administrative costs and bring committed Classical Christian educators and families together. We make Classical Christian Education affordable by letting teachers to set their own prices and parents choose the right teachers and courses for their children. We are a marketplace for Classical Christian Education.


Creating and operating out of a Christian imagination, our team leverages the best available technology and attracts the best teachers in their field; thereby, we make Classical Christian Education not only available and affordable, but accessible. Any student with a reliable internet connection and well-functioning computer can access some of the best classical Christian educators in the world from anywhere in the world. One doesn't have to leave their state or their town to find a good education. One doesn't even have to leave the house. Kepler Education brings Classical Christian Education straight to your living room.

Enjoy the Freedom of Homeschooling with the Expertise of a Faculty.

Kepler Is for Families

From the beginning of time, families have been responsible for the education of their children. Throughout most of history, however, the best education was reserved for those who could afford to put their sons at the feet of masters and scholars. This involved private tutoring in which parents hand-picked instructors for their children. A type of hybrid homeschooling, this highest form of Christian and classical education was not available to many. Kepler is a platform that brings your family passionate and knowledgeable teachers that you choose based on your family's needs.

Kepler Education makes a hand-crafted education possible!

Kepler is not unique because we offer more than 100 classes from nearly 40 educators. Kepler is unique because we offer a college-style approach to 7-12th grade (and beyond) in how parents choose courses for their children. 

“Choose your teacher” means far more than “choose your section.” It represents choices in curriculum, learning style, teaching philosophy, price, and schedule. Each teacher profile includes a teaching philosophy and a statement of faith, in addition to the standard bio, so parents can make informed decisions. 

For example, we don’t have “Latin I, II, III,” we have a language department with Latin taught from multiple methods, curricula, and teaching styles.

Kepler Is for Students


Kepler provides a network of distinguished educators, quality courses, and a diploma track that fits a flexible schedule on one simple and easy-to-use platform. Kepler teachers are passionate professionals working with our platform's small class sizes and highly interactive flipped classroom model.

Student Life

Kepler also makes clubs and extracurricular activities available, under the aegis of Kepler Life. Whether it's volunteer activities, student leadership, or language clubs, the Kepler Community of students, parents, and teachers are busy with Kingdom-building activity both inside and outside the classroom. Any students enrolled in Kepler classes are able to participate through service, clubs, and professional development activities.

Kepler Is for Teachers

Kepler allows teachers to fulfill their vocation while simultaneously providing a sustainable income and ample margin for personal and educational development. Our innovative platform, robust academic consortium, and generous compensation plan provides teachers with all the tools, support, and flexibility they need to develop their unique brand as independent educators.

What Families are Saying About Kepler

Kepler helped challenge my student to think deeper and to express her thoughts openly with her teacher and peers. In Old Western Culture, she was challenged to share her opinion and support it.

-Kepler parent Jessie Smith

This gave my philosophy-loving student a great outlet.

- Kepler parent Susan Johnston

Mr. Bohnet was terrific. As a mother I appreciated his professionalism and willingness to push students out of their comfort zone. The colloquy was a new experience for my daughter. She was terrified about the first one, but she went into the second one with confidence. These are the types of experiences that homeschooled students need more of to be prepared to go out into the world and work for people other than their parents.

- Kepler parent Jessica Jensen

Mr. Soderberg is an excellent teacher. He makes tough material engaging. [My son] was never bored during class, but rather looked forward to the weekly meetings.

- Kepler parent Kimberly Locke

How Does Kepler Make All this Freedom and Choice Work?

Instead of having a top-heavy administration that limits teachers, we built a platform that supports them. Instead of choosing one approach to curriculum or pedagogy, we allow a broad range within classical education to provide teachers with more flexibility and families with more options. All of our teachers are clear and open about their Christian faith, their curriculum choices, their teaching experience, and their teaching philosophy, so that parents are well-informed about what their options are.

Why the Name Kepler? 

Kepler is inspired by the early modern scholar, Johannes Kepler, widely known for his commitment to Christ, the liberal arts, and the advancement of science in the West.


As we at Kepler embrace and advance liberal (also called classical) education in its full orb, we feel Johannes Kepler accurately exemplifies the courageous, innovative, intellectual, and robust approach to education and human flourishing needed in the modern age. We are humbly attempting to cultivate such a spirit within our academic consortium.

Core Values

Merely Christian

We embrace those essential, common, and core beliefs left by Christ and the Apostles to the church catholic, the body of Jesus Christ on Earth, held through the ages by all orthodox Christian traditions alike.

Broadly Classical

We engage students in the pursuit and acquisition of the liberal arts, that knowledge which is pleasurable for its own sake, and which frees the mind and prepares the soul to be wise and virtuous. 

Historically Conservative

We teach students to recognize, value and delight in the permanent things and pursue necessary and healthy change according to the contours of the natural and created order.

Meet the Team


Scott Postma
President, Kepler Education
Scott is a 26-year educator living in North Idaho with his bride of 30 years where he administrates Kepler's education program, slowly writes on his dissertation, and collects more books than he'll ever read in a lifetime. He also blogs at scottpostma.net.
Daniel Foucachon
Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Foucachon grew up in France, but now lives in Moscow, Idaho with his wife and five children. He graduated from New Saint Andrews College and enjoys reading and hunting.
Dr. Robert Woods
Director of Course Development
Dr. Woods has been a Classical Christian educator for nearly 20 years. He has a B.A. in biblical studies and ministry from Point University, an M.A. in religious studies from Barry University, and a Ph.D. in humanities from Florida State University. He developed and chaired the Great Books Honors College at Faulkner University for more than 15 years and is the author of “Mortimer Adler: The Paideia Way of Classical Education.”
Kari Christophersen
Kari Christophersen has lived in the US, West Africa, France, and Japan but has always called Moscow, ID home. She holds an M.A. in TESOL and two B.A. degrees, English and French, from the University of Idaho, as well as a Maîtrise in technical translation from the University of Haute Bretagne in France. She has taught in Japan, homeschooled her three kids, and enjoys cooking, being outdoors, and reading lots of good books to her kids.
Joffre Swait
Academic Advisor, Kepler Education
Joffre is the academic advisor for students (and their parents) studying at Kepler. He is married to Kimberly, and they homeschool their five children in Moscow, ID. In his spare time, Joffre enjoys writing poetry, playing rugby, making YouTube videos, and video chatting with strangers from around the world.
Carissa Hale
Academic Coordinator
Carissa Hale is Kepler's Academic Coordinator, as well as an Administrative Assistant, Editor, and Typesetter for Roman Roads Press. She lives in North Idaho in a cheery apartment with her two sisters. When she isn’t uploading teacher profiles and courses to the Kepler website or editing and proofreading for Roman Roads, she enjoys Sunday dinners at her parents’ house, hikes and movie nights with friends, photography, music, baking, and reading.
Michael Helvey
Lead Product Developer
Michael develops the web platform and tools that Kepler uses to operate. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife, amidst a quantity of books and coffee mugs.
David Foucachon
Chief Financial Officer
David Foucachon is the Chief Financial Officer at Kepler. He is a lover of chemistry, mixology, good books, the outdoors, and beautiful spreadsheets. He lives in Moscow, ID with his wife Anne and their four children.
Cooper Salmon
Marketing Coodinator
Cooper Salmon creates videos, digital art, and is involved in Kepler's marketing and graphic design.