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U.S. History

Dave Raymonds US History, with Live Recitations by George Harrell
This class is currently archived, but if you're interested in it being taught again, you can express your interest here!
09/07/2020 - 05/14/2021
Full Year
1.0 credits in US History
Grades 7-12

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About the course

In this year-long flipped-classroom history course, George Harrell teams with Dave Raymond to guide students through the beginning of our nation, starting with the Meso-American period, all the way to Teddy Roosevelt. Lectures by Dave Raymond give a comprehensive history of the United States by applying a Christian worldview to the characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs of the nation. Weekly live recitations allow lively discussion and questions. It is an engaging class for Middle School and High School students.

About the teacher

George Harrell George Harrell has a master's degree in Theology and Letters from New St. Andrew's College. Since graduating he has taught courses in American history and economics for Kepler. He currently lives in Idaho with his wife and son.