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Jacqueline Medcalf

Jacqueline Medcalf

about the teacher

Jacqueline Medcalf was classically homeschooled, and grew up surrounded by books and stories. She attended the University of Dallas, a small, Catholic liberal arts college, and unsurprisingly chose to study English. She was able to spend a semester studying abroad in Rome, and made side trips to Greece, Spain, Austria, England, and Ireland. These extraordinary experiences allowed her to immerse herself in her studies in a truly powerful way. Since graduating in 2019, she has been working at a classical elementary school.

She lives in Dallas Fort Worth with her husband; and her academic and literary interests include ancient and medieval literature, theatre, children's literature, American literature, fantasy and science fiction, and poetry. In her free time she enjoys arts and crafts, cooking, and board games, and hopes to travel more in the future.

Teaching Philosophy

All people, and especially young people, are created with the desire and ability to learn. A teacher's job is to foster and direct that desire, and to offer guidance and support when students face obstacles on their journey. All students, regardless of what they will go on to specialize in, can benefit from a broad education in the humanities, which will allow them to …

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