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Gladys Kober

Gladys Kober

about the teacher

Gladys Kober has a master’s degree in Extragalactic Astrophysics from Observatório Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She currently works as a data analyst and image processor at GSFC/NASA. Her tasks at NASA include producing color composite images from the Hubble Space Telescope for press release.

She also works as adjunct faculty at Montgomery College where she teaches Astronomy 101.

She was born in Brazil, lived 3 years in Chile and has been living in the USA since 1999. In 2015, together with other professional astronomers who are believers, she published a high school textbook to teach astronomy and introduce students to the science & faith dialogue. The curriculum includes many interviews with Christian professional astronomers that we hope will inspire the next generation.

Teaching Philosophy

Research shows that young adults are leaving the church at alarming rates and confusion between science and faith plays an important role in this unfortunate abandonment of faith. I want to make a difference and contribute to change these statistics. I believe that a classroom should be a safe place to ask difficult questions as we navigate the crossroads of science and faith. I like to encourage students to search for truth in every area. …

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The Crossroads of Science and Faith: Astronomy Through a Christian Worldview
A Scientifically Rigorous Approach to Astronomy and Apologetics for Science and Faith Discussions
Co-authored by Gladys Kober, Susan Benecchi, Paula Gossard, and Ashley Zauderer-Vanderley
Astronomy textbook - www.GlimpseofHisSplendor.com
Peer Award 2005 at GSFC/NASA
List of publications in peer reviewed journals available upon request


Observatorio Nacional RJ - Brazil - 1993