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George Luke

George Luke

about the teacher

George lives in Moscow, Idaho. He's a Christian with three first names, one wife, one national identity as a first generation American, two immigrant parents from India, and two kids (so far).

George has been a teacher, a writer, a taxonomist (not taxidermist), a programmer, and a property manager. In many ways, he never left school, even while taking on different jobs through college and since. He's presently a student at Greyfriars Hall, a training program for pastors out of Christ Church in Moscow, ID.

George married Joelle in 2019. They have two children, Devorah and Samson. Devorah is a beautiful picture of generous wisdom, and Samson boldly launches himself where no one year old has gone before- the edge between the couch and the wall of our apartment.

George was baptized into an Anglican Church as a baby, grew up in nondenominational settings, and was faithfully prayed for and raised in the faith to know the 10 Commandments and Gospel by his loving mom, Alice, who raised her boys to sing hymns, confess their sins, and live for God's glory. George grew in his knowledge of the Gospel via C.S. Lewis in high school, Lee Strobel, David Platt, John …

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Bethlehem College and Seminary - 2018
Biblical and Pastoral Studies
Vanderbilt University - 2015
Child Studies