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Gage Herrmann

Gage Herrmann

about the teacher

Gage grew up in San Diego, California in the water at the beach and on dirt bikes in the desert. When he was allowed to by his loving parents, he enjoyed playing computer games like Quake and Roller Coaster Tycoon. He always dreamed of making his own game one day, but never knew how it was done. He got married to his wife Shaina in 2007 and moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where they had their first child the following year. Gage then attended college and graduated with an AAS in computer programming in 2010. A month later he became a professional software developer and was able to support his growing family. During his time in college he discovered that it was possible to make his own computer games, just like the ones he'd dreamed about as a kid. For the next 12 years Gage considered game development to be a hobby and tinkered away on a few personal projects. Then, in 2020, he found his first client as a professional game developer and started a side gig making a mobile version of a physical Monopoly-like board game for Android and iOS.

Teaching Philosophy

I’m a big believer in …

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