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Danae Harlow

Danae Harlow

about the teacher

Danae grew up in Salem, OR and attended a local classical Christian school. In 3rd grade she was introduced to Latin, and it quickly became her favorite subject. In high school she had a dynamic Latin teacher who really made Latin come alive and feel like a real language; it was then, at age 15, she knew God was calling her to be a Latin teacher who makes Latin fun and profitable for her students.

With that goal in mind, Danae moved to Moscow, ID in 2010 and attended New Saint Andrew's College (NSA), where she took every Latin class she could. While in college she taught a few math and science classes at a local homeschool coop, and also worked for NSA tutoring other Latin students. She landed her dream job of teaching JH & HS Latin at Logos School (Moscow, ID) in 2013, where she spent her days acting out Latin words and scenes, simplifying difficult grammar concepts, and encouraging students to make Latin their own.

After marrying Jordan Harlow and having their first son in 2021, Danae now teaches a few Latin classes online for various schools, as well as teaching in person at her alma mater, NSA.

Other than teaching and tutoring Latin, Danae's hobbies include teaching horse riding lessons, directing JH & HS plays, acting in community theater, and singing in the church choir.

Teaching Philosophy

To know the facts is not enough - true learning only takes place when a student can use the material in their own way, and understand it on its own terms. This is why Danae's goal in teaching is to get the students to go beyond memorizing paradigms and vocabulary, and to rather understand Latin as a real and living language.

Through reading, composing, and speaking, students are taught not only how to learn Latin, but how to learn any language. God created this wonderful world, and to learn another language is to learn a whole new way to understand and discuss his creation.

Danae loves to see her students realize that they can, even in a first or second year Latin class, start to see words and ideas in a different way, and that they can read and understand this other language like their own. In a few short years, students would then be able to access first-hand rich classical and Christian texts, and to read them almost like they would read English.

Statement of Faith

Danae is a Reformed Christian who believes in the lordship of God the Father, the atonement of God the Son, and sanctification of God the Spirit. She grew up in a Christian home, and was baptized as a young believer.

She has been a member at Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, ID, for these last forteen years.

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