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Bohnet Music Academy

Bohnet Music Academy

about the teacher

We want to train our students to be capable, intelligent, and free musicians by encouraging joy, gratitude, and confidence in their musicianship skills, thus making them ready musical leaders in their home, church, and community (Psalm 33, 66, 149, 150). That’s our fruit, root, and reach.

Teaching Philosophy

Everyone can make music with skillfulness and understanding. Musicianship is an essential skill for Christians. General music lessons should precede specialized music lessons. Musicians should have a broad set of skills and knowledge base. Musicians should increasingly become self-sufficient in their craft and continually perform good music. Music studies can increase one’s wisdom and holiness.

Statement of Faith

Jesus Christ has redeemed us to God the Father, and the Holy Spirit pours out His grace on us; therefore, we are privileged to serve God through a vocation in music. We use our education, experience, and enthusiasm for music to build a music culture filled with free, capable, and intelligent musicians.

Partner teachers

  • Jonah Grieser
  • Jake Hughes
  • Jaeger Winckler
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