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The Alyosha Society

The Alyosha Society

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In his magnum opus, The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoevsky introduces the reader to several characters whose words and actions represent particular worldviews. Ivan wrestles with atheism, as he cannot fathom that there could be a good God in light of such evil in the world. Dmitri struggles with hedonism as he seeks to bridle his passions. Their younger brother, Alyosha, carefully considers the teachings of his mentor, Father Zosima, and chooses the road less traveled, the road of faith and incarnation.

The Alyosha Society is a group of curious bibliophiles who seek to hear the counsel of the many Zosimas of the past. Our goal is to consider what the great minds have pondered through the art of literature and philosophy and discuss how we might be faithful disciples of the true and living God.

Founder and Teachers

Bruce Etter

Born in 1969 in West Virginia, I graduated high school in 1987 and studied Spanish and Bible during my undergraduate years. I graduated from Columbia International University in 1992 and married Julie in 1993. We have five children, adopted and biological. I have enjoyed teaching in Christian schools since 1992 and have served as both teacher and administrator in six …

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Pages of History, Volume 1, Veritas Press
Pages of History, Volume 2, Veritas Press
Essays in all six Omnibus textbooks, Veritas Press


Columbia International University - 1992
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