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Foundations of Systematic Theology

This class is currently archived, but if you're interested in it being taught again, you can express your interest here!
01/17/2022 - 05/13/2022
Spring Semester
3.0 credits in Humanities
Grade 12

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About the course

This course covers basic issues, themes, and categories of Christian theology. This course leads students through a study of the fundamental teachings of the Bible, encouraging students to better know, trust, love, and live by God’s Word.

This course is part of a dual enrollment program with Colorado Christian University. Students taking this course will potentially follow a modified academic calendar, and will also need to register with CCU (When registering, identify the courses being taught by Imago Dei Academy, and select those)

Students willing to accommodate a more rigorous academic schedule can receive a considerable discount on package courses. Schedule a free consultation with Kepler’s Academic Advisor for more details.

Course Objectives

Foundations of Theology and Apologetics is designed to help the student:

  1. State key doctrinal truths concerning the Word of God, God, man, Christ, the application of redemption, the church, and the future.
  2. Connect key doctrinal truths with specific supporting Scripture.
  3. Apply interpretive skills for drawing proper theological conclusions from scripture to one’s own
devotional reading and ongoing personal study of the Bible.
  4. Demonstrate a clear biblical and theological understanding of their Christian responsibility for 
“good deeds,” which positively influence culture.


  • Grudem, Wayne. Bible Doctrine. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1999.
  • Sproul, RC. Foundations Study Guide. Sanford, Fl: Ligonier.

About the teacher

Dr. Aaron Hebbard Aaron Hebbard has been involved in Christian education since 1993. He founded Imago Dei College as a dual enrollment and gap year program, and he has also planted two churches. He and his wife have six children and five grandchildren.