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Latin 3

Latin 3
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Starts 09/07/2020
1.0 credits in Languages
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About the course

This Latin III course is designed for students in grades 9-10. The main purpose is to expand students’ facility with and appreciation of Latin through intensive engagement with sequential, connected stories and a wide variety of grammar and application exercises. Along the way, students will also advance in their understanding of many aspects of Roman history and culture, which are essential items for a robust and rounded classically Christian education.

Each week during this 32-week course, students will listen to a lecture on grammar and syntax topics drawn from the Ecce Romani III text, thoroughly learn new vocabulary and review old vocabulary, apply their skills on translation and parsing exercises, and participate in a 1.5-hour live recitation. Each semester will also feature at least 8 quizzes, and two tests.

Course Objectives:

  1. To practice students’ Latin sight-reading skills.
  2. To refine students’ ability to analyze complex grammatical and syntactical structures of nearly-unaltered, and a few unaltered classical Latin texts.
  3. To enhance students’ appreciation of this great classical language, which God providentially used to build up the culture of the West from barbarism during the Middle Ages.


  • Ecce Romani III, 4th edition - ISBN 978-0133610901
  • Supplementary Materials (PDFs provided by teacher)

Note: New sections of this course will open as needed. To discuss options, contact timothy.enloe@kepler.education.

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