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Writing Across American Frontiers - IEW

Writing Across American Frontiers: A Journey Through History - IEW
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08/19/2024 - 05/09/2025
Full Year
1.0 credits in Humanities & Electives
Grades 6-8

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About the course

Embark on an immersive journey through the captivating realms of early United States history! This theme-based writing curriculum invites students in grades 6-8 to delve into the adventurous narratives of explorers, pivotal battles, expansive land conquests, renowned ships, and the visionary founding fathers. Throughout this exploration, students will master the art of writing using the Structure and Style® method offered by the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).

Course Content

This comprehensive curriculum spans a full academic year, delivering engaging lessons that encompass all nine IEW Units, tailored specifically for students in grades 6-8. Highlights of the course include:

Thematic Writing: Students will immerse themselves in themed writing exercises, aligning with the exciting historical epochs and events, fostering creativity, and honing writing skills.

Structure and Style® Writing Method: Guided by IEW's proven methodology, students will learn to structure their writing effectively, incorporating stylistic elements to enhance expression and coherence.

Exploratory Learning: The curriculum introduces students to pivotal moments and figures in early U.S. history, fostering a deeper understanding of the nation's foundational period while concurrently refining their writing abilities.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Write Effectively: Students will confidently use different writing styles like stories, research papers, and comparing things to express themselves clearly.
  • Think and Write Smart: They'll learn to think deeply by looking at problems, judging arguments, putting together information, and solving challenges through writing.
  • Write Like Pros: Students will follow steps to gather important details, plan their writing, make drafts, and create final polished pieces with different sentence styles and interesting writing techniques.
  • Find & Use Good Sources: They'll know how to find trustworthy information for research and use it properly in their own writing.
  • Create Research Papers: Students will showcase their learning by making a research paper, showing where they got information with proper writing rules for in-text and bibliography citations.


U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons

About the teacher

Dr. Bridgette Whitlow-Spurlock Dr. Whitlow-Spurlock holds a Doctorate of Education and a Ph.D. in Advanced Educational Studies. She is a military spouse and lives in Texas where she homeschools her 3 children.