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Lingua Latina: Latin Grammar 3

Lingua Latina: Latin Grammar 3
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08/19/2024 - 05/09/2025
Full Year
1.0 credits in Languages
Grades 7-10

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About the course

An interactive Latin course for secondary homeschool students. This can be used as a first-year course or as the third year following Latin Primers 1 & 2.

Course Objectives

  • Learn Latin vocabulary through pictures & stories
  • Learn Latin grammar by seeing the patterns and using it in the context of pictures & stories. Grammar to be covered:

    • All 5 noun declensions
    • All adjective systems
    • The present verb system
    • Pronouns
    • Demonstratives
  • Learn to compose Latin sentences, both written and spoken

  • Learn to read Latin without needing to translate into English

"Picta Dicta Latin Grammar" is a hybrid digital-print introduction to Latin designed for the secondary level or beyond. Students first learn vocabulary, morphology, and syntax through thousands of illustrated cartoons. Then, they practice simple Latin composition, grammatical analysis, and reading in a physical workbook. The readings in this course are all original compositions that are simultaneously humorous and foundational for students preparing to read harder and more serious Latin texts.

Students will do most of the app exercises/games as HW, and these need to be completed before class time. As Latin is cumulative, students are expected to review regularly and to ask questions if a former concept is forgotten. We will also tackle two accompanying readers to further solidify our Latin reading skills.

[Although it is titled Volume 3, Latin Grammar 3 is the first installment of this series. Students with no prior experience of Latin may use it as their first Latin course. However, students who have completed the preparatory course, "Picta Dicta Latin Primer 1 & 2", will be well prepared for this course and will find the first 10 lessons mostly review.]

Required materials

About the teacher

Danae Harlow Danae attended New Saint Andrew's College in Moscow, ID, and is on her 11th year teaching Latin to 5th-11th grade and freshmen college students.