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New England Consortium Summer Conference - In-Person Event

$35.00/Special Event
New England Consortium Conference 2023
This class is currently archived, but if you're interested in it being taught again, you can express your interest here!
06/23/2023 - 06/24/2023
Special Event
0.0 credits in Event
Grades 12-Teacher Training

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Beauty: The Heart of a Classical Education

Sunderland, MA ~ June 23- 24, 2023

The New England Consortium of Classical Educators summer conference is a two day teaching and training event for anyone interested in Classical Christian Education. Educators, families, and community leaders can receive professional development and a greater understanding of the purpose and practice of the educational movement sweeping the nation.

Classical Christian education is rooted in Christianity and the liberal arts, and fosters the apprehension and appreciation of that which is good, true, and beautiful. Further, classical educators encourage students by means of Scripture, Socratic dialogue, and the Great Books to approximate their lives toward virtue, wisdom, and objective truth.

Join us on June 23 & 24, 2023 for two full days of great teaching, group discussions, and lots of food and fellowship to the end that we might all better understand the way in which Beauty is at the Heart of a Classical Education.

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