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New England Consortium Summer Conference - In-Person Event

$50.00/Special Event
New England Consortium Conference 2024
07/12/2024 - 07/13/2024
Special Event
0.0 credits in Adult Learning
Grades 12-Teacher Training

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Truth: The High Calling of a Classical Education

Maynard, MA ~ 1pm Jul 12 through 4pm July 13, 2024

We live in an age that continuously echoes Pontius Pilate when he asked, “What is truth?” As Christ followers, we know that Jesus Christ is the Truth, and that His Word is Truth. But, in addition to the revelation of the Scriptures, through the study of stories and mathematics and history we are able to pull back the curtain and peek into the “real” world beyond.

As Classical educators and students, we read about how Plato and Socrates warned people centuries before the birth of the Messiah that this world is made up of mere shadows. As we learn to look beyond the material world, greater things are revealed to us. But we must not be content with our private preview of eternal truth. Instead, we are called to help others find their way out of the morass of equivocation and relativism that threatens to drag us into despair.

The Consortium Conference 2024 will explore truth. Truth beyond the appearances. Truth beyond the subjective. Truth that energizes our souls and binds our consciences to act.

Further conference details about the conference speakers, pre-conference, and breakout session selections will be emailed to registrants.

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