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Mastering Spelling

Mastering Spelling
Section A:
08/19/2024 - 05/09/2025
Full Year
0.0 credits in Humanities & Electives
Grades 6-8

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About the course

This specialized course is designed to empower students in grades 6-8, particularly those navigating challenges associated with dyslexia, to conquer spelling hurdles effectively. Through targeted strategies and personalized approaches, this course aims to enhance spelling proficiency while fostering confidence and independence in written expression. While this course is designed for individuals with dyslexia, it is also beneficial for individuals with spelling difficulties.

Course Focus

Understanding Dyslexia and Spelling Challenges: The course begins by exploring dyslexia and its impact on spelling. Students will delve into comprehending their individual challenges and learning styles to develop personalized approaches to spelling improvement.

Multi-Sensory Learning Techniques: Through a variety of multi-sensory approaches—such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods—students will engage in interactive exercises and games designed to reinforce spelling patterns and enhance retention.

Phonics and Word Recognition: Students will dive into phonetic patterns, word structures, and syllable breakdowns, building a strong foundation in decoding words and improving word recognition skills.

Vocabulary Expansion and Application: The course will expand students’ vocabulary and equip them with practical strategies to incorporate newly learned words into their writing with accuracy.

Assistive Technologies and Tools: Introduction to helpful assistive technologies and tools tailored to support students with dyslexia in their spelling journey, empowering independent learning and success.

Supportive Environment: The course fosters a supportive and inclusive learning environment, encouraging collaboration, peer support, and the celebration of individual progress and achievements.

Course Approach

Led by a Certified Academic Language Therapist, this course emphasizes a compassionate and tailored approach, ensuring each student receives the necessary guidance and resources to flourish in their spelling abilities.

*The text for this class is used as a spine.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of dyslexia and its impact on spelling.
  2. Develop personalized strategies and techniques to overcome spelling challenges.
  3. Enhance spelling proficiency through multi-sensory learning approaches.
  4. Expand their vocabulary and apply new words accurately in writing.
  5. Utilize assistive technologies effectively to aid in spelling and written expression.


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About the teacher

Dr. Bridgette Whitlow-Spurlock Dr. Whitlow-Spurlock holds a Doctorate of Education and a Ph.D. in Advanced Educational Studies. She is a military spouse and lives in Texas where she homeschools her 3 children.