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National Latin Exam Preparation

National Latin Exam Preparation
This class is currently archived, but if you're interested in it being taught again, you can express your interest here!
01/19/2021 - 05/14/2021
Spring Semester
0.3 credits in Languages
Grades 7-12

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About the course

The National Latin Exam (NLE) is an international exam administered online during the second week of March (March 8-12, 2021). It provides students an opportunity to learn more about Roman culture, as it covers not only Latin grammar, but also geography, history, culture, mythology, grammar and Latin sayings still in use today. It is 45 minutes long with 40 multiple-choice questions, about half of which are related to grammar/translating and the other half relating to Roman culture, geography, derivatives, etc. This eight week course is a wonderful supplement to any Latin course, and students from any course or textbook are welcome to participate.

This course will also ensure students are signed up for the NLE, and will mail out awards and certificates at the end of the school year.

Since the NLE is not based on any particular Latin curriculum, the NLE should NOT be considered an evaluation of how well the students are doing in their regular Latin course.

Course Objectives:

  1. To prepare for the National Latin Exam, and to enjoy learning more about the Roman world, as well as its influence on our language today.


  • Online links provided by the instructor

**Note: This class is one quarter (January 19-March 2) with an optional review day after the exam results come out in April. Students must be registered by January 15, 2021.

This course is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with the National Latin Exam or its committees.

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About the teacher

Emily Wells Emily has been teaching Latin for almost 20 years. She received a classical, Christian education from Schola Classical Tutorials, completed intensives in Latin and Greek, and continued her studies at New Saint Andrews College and the University of Idaho.