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Steva Finch

Steva Finch

about the teacher

I live in the Oklahoma City metro area with my husband and children. I have a BS in Nursing from Oklahoma Baptist University, a liberal arts university, where my passion for classical education was sparked. I am a seasoned classical educator with 14+ years of experience teaching in the classical tradition. My experience includes home-educating my four children, tutoring with Classical Conversations for 10+ years, mentoring parents in classical education, and teaching Henle Latin and The Lost Tools of Writing for the past eight years. I delight in pursuing the true, good, and beautiful and enjoy sharing in that journey with my students. Ultimately, I desire to inspire in my students not only a love of Latin but also a passionate pursuit to know God better through His word as we study language together. I enjoy spending time with my family, serving my church alongside my pastor-husband, traveling near or far, reading from many genres, and enjoying great coffee and rich conversations.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe the purpose of education, simply stated, is to know God and make Him known. To that end, as an educator, I seek to lead my students to discover God as they uncover His truth …

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