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St. Andrews Academy and College

St. Andrews Academy and College

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Greetings and Welcome to St. Andrew’s Academy & College, built upon over two decades of experience delivering a rigorous, classical education to young adults. Our purpose is to engage our students in a transformational education and a deep and spiritual formation in the oldest tradition of English-speaking Christianity. This is a tradition that draws from the mystery of Celtic Christianity, the history of Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, and the evangelicalism of the Reformers. Here you will find an unapologetic blend of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, George Herbert, and Thomas Cranmer. What is found here is the synthesis of the best theological thinking and practice across the orthodox Western Christian traditions. We are unapologetically traditional and orthodox and seek to be a conscious counterweight to the trends of advanced modernity—what we see as a "deathwork culture."

We are serious about our faith, serious about our students, and serious about the great conversation—discussing the ideas and questions of meaning that have been around as long as we can see in history. Our students will not only earn credit towards graduation, but will develop their ability to think deeply, analyze critically, and engage the world with humility and respect.

St. Andrew’s was founded …

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Study Skills and Network Power
by Dr. David John Seel, the Academic Dean of the college and professor of classical rhetoric, St. Andrew’s Academy & College.
The Anglican Office Book
1st and 2nd Editions; Editor, the Rev’d Deacon Lance Davis, Professor of Classical Languages, St. Andrew’s Academy & College
Believing, Praying, and Obeying
by the Rev’d Dr. Peter Toon