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Leigh Warmbrand

Leigh Warmbrand

about the teacher

Shalom! I was born Jewish on Long Island, NY, in 1967. I grew up in a "nice Jewish home" with my mom and dad and two brothers. I obtained my BS in the education of the deaf in 1990 and began my teaching career. I married Kathy, a "goy" believer in 1991, and I continued exploring my faith and hers. We attended both temple and a CMA church in Virginia; through the influence of her, her family, and the church, I was faced with the Bible, my sinfulness and guilt, and the realization I could not do enough "Jewish things" to be accepted by God. I prayed one evening and asked God if Jesus truly was the Messiah; He said, “Yes.” I prayed at that moment and acknowledged Jesus as Messiah, His sacrifice for my sins. I was born again and made new.

Teaching Philosophy

God works through His Word by His Spirit among His people. “All Scripture is God-breathed and valuable for teaching, training, correcting and rebuking.” God’s Word is the basis and tool for discipleship and growth, for His people to be transformed and renewed in right thinking, acting, and feeling, thus impacting the world for Christ, to His glory. It is my goal to teach through presenting information, questions, and discussion, with many questions and answers from the students. I will provide opportunities for students to express themselves through speech and writing, interacting with the Bible, other texts, myself, and one another.

Statement of Faith

The Bible, all 66 books, is complete, sufficient and inerrant, useful for teaching, training, correcting and rebuking. There is one God in "tri-unity", consisting of Father, Son and Spirit. In the beginning God created and everything was good; I hold to a literal, six day creation and historical Adam and Eve. Through Adam's fall, all man is dead in sin, lost in transgression, doomed to God's wrath and eternal life apart from Him. God began His plan of redemption after the fall, culminating in Christ's birth, death, and resurrection. Salvation, regeneration, adoption, justification, growth in holiness, and coming glory are in and through Him alone. Believers are given the Holy Spirit as a seal of promise of eternity with Christ; God keeps His people secure in Him for eternity. I am more Reformed in my thinking and understanding in these areas. Today Christ sits at the right hand of the Father and will return at a set time in the future. He and His people will reign with Him 1,000 years, after which Satan and all evil will be released and purged completely. The destiny of believers is glory with Christ forever.

I believe in the historic premillennial view of the end times, in which the church will live through the tribulation; rapture occurs when Christ returns. I am also covenantal in my understanding of the Bible. I am not dogmatic about second or third level doctrines and encourage healthy discussion of these controversial areas. Marriage is between a man and a woman, and I do not support "same-sex" marriage. I am not in favor of women pastors of the church but have worked with some at various times in my ministry. I am skeptical of the more miraculous gifts of the Spirit, such as tongues. I currently pastor an EFCA church.

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