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Virginia Lee Stephenson

Virginia Lee Stephenson

about the teacher

Lee Stephenson is an Administrator and a Logic and Rhetoric School recitation, humanities and logic instructor at Sequitur Classical Academy. She is from Atlanta, Georgia, and attended the University of Virginia where she received a B.A. in History and Leadership, and an M.S. of Commerce in Marketing and Management -- degree choices which can only be explained with many years of retrospect. She is currently a teaching apprentice with the Circe Institute and spends most of her time after school re-reading classical texts she teaches because they will always be orders of magnitude greater than her tiny mind can comprehend. She attends and sings at Grace Mid City Church (Baptist) in eponymous Mid City Baton Rouge.

Teaching Philosophy

I cannot think of a better expression of teaching philosophy than to quote CS Lewis quoting from John 7:17: “‘Anyone who resolves to do the will of God will know whether the teaching is from God. That is, there are personal and moral qualifications for knowing the truth."

There is a connection between discernment, knowledge and application often missed in the modern educational world. The point of an education is not merely to learn useful information, but to arrive at sound judgments. …

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Circe Institute, January 2020.
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