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Heather Magnuson

Heather Magnuson

about the teacher

I discovered the beauty and richness of classical education when I began homeschooling my two boys nearly fifteen years ago. When I first learned about classical education I knew that this was the type of education I wanted for my children, (It was the type of education I wish I had had). Being a military family, we moved from place to place with frequency, and homeschooling allowed us stability in the midst of constant change. We were fortunate to be able to put down roots in Panama City, FL in 2015 which prompted me to found a Christian Classical homeschool co-op—Arete Homeschooling Collaborative. I have been the Director of the co-op since our first classes in 2016, and I teach various classes each year—my favorite of which are the Literature and Composition classes. One of life’s greatest joys is to see the light illuminated within my students, to see them begin to think about a story beyond the plot level, to question what a story is telling us about humanity, the world, and the journey of the human soul. A close 2nd to literature, I am also passionate about teaching Spanish. Like literature, learning another language expands a student’s understanding …

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M.A. Humanities with Classical Education Concentration
University of Dallas - (Anticipated Graduation May 2025)
M.Ed. Bilingual/ESL Education
University of Central Oklahoma - 2004
B.S. Plant Science
University of Missouri Columbia - 2000