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Dr. David Haines

Dr. David Haines

about the teacher

David Haines (PhD., Université Laval), is associate professor of philosophy and religion at VIU, lecturer in philosophy at the University of Sherbrooke, lecturer with the Davenant Hall, and has taught for SEMBEQ and FTE-Acadia. He is also the founding president of Association Axiome and the Christian Philosophy and Apologetics Center. He has published a number of articles on Natural Theology, as well as co-authored a book on Natural Law. His academic research focuses on Ancient and Medieval philosophy, C. S. Lewis, Thomism, and natural theology. He and his wife live in Québec with their four children.

Teaching Philosophy

The primary principle of education could be summarized by the statement: One cannot transmit or give what one does not possess. This principle of education, which could be taken to refer to theoretical knowledge alone, applies both to character and knowledge. The goal of education is to provide the student with those tools which will allow them to rightly pursue the Good, appreciate the Beautiful, and know the True. As Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, the ultimate Good and Beauty per se, a proper education will point the student to Christ This goal is obtained through mentorship: (1) …

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Natural Law
A Brief Introduction and Biblical Defense
The Davenant Press, 2017
Knowing God
Scripture, Reason, and Presuppositional Apologetics
The Davenant Press. Forthcoming
Classical Theism in the Magisterial Reformers
Ad Fontes, 3.6 (July 2019): 1-7


Theological and Biblical Studies