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Dr. Casey Christopher

Dr. Casey Christopher

about the teacher

Dr. Christopher completed his Bachelor of Music (1990) from University of Oregon in Eugene, and both his Master of Music (1994) and Doctor of Musical Arts (1996) degrees at Arizona State University in Tempe. He teaches music and college & career preparatory skills professionally in Nampa, Idaho, where he has designed curricula and taught multiple classes in jazz, improvisation, popular music, technology, and music industry. He lives with his wife, Julie, and their grown children now live in Idaho and Texas.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe the wise man who said that good teaching is, "loving the subject in front of your students." To convey simple knowledge without providing a context of appreciation and broader connection proves eventually to be a waste of time and effort. While cultivating an ability to formulate and articulate aesthetic thoughts or perform hard-won musical skills may be challenging, I believe these are worthwhile activities that will ultimately enrich each student for decades to come.

Statement of Faith

I embrace the biblical faith once for all committed to the Saints (Jude 1), and articulated in the Apostles Creed and other historic Confessions. I am both a member and an officer at The King's Congregation in Meridian, …

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The Trombone's Use as a Sign of the Sacred in Selected Orchestral Music, 1830-1850
DMA Dissertation, Arizona State University


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