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Benjamin Lucas

Benjamin Lucas

about the teacher

Benjamin Lucas is a husband, father, and teacher in his late twenties, who is pursuing the call on his life to be a bright and salty signpost to the community of boys and staff in his boarding school. He never expected to be given this outpost in a quiet town nestled among the rolling hills of Old Wessex, but His ways are not his ways.

The Holy Spirit gripped his soul whilst abroad in the former Soviet Union and revealed the palpable despair of a post-Christian culture - an irreversible decay without the lasting reconstruction of the Biblical alternative. Soon after this experience, he suffered from PTSD until he visited an actual warzone and (thanks to salty doctrine and the distributive power of YouTube) got his doctrine and worldview in order.

Benjamin is part of a tiny but growing movement of Christians, who have woken up to smell the coffee that the church in the West has failed. Dragons and giants really do exist, they infest the land, and the free peoples are being routed from the battlefield. The once-Christian lands of Europe and the British Isles appear lost, and there looms an enormous work of reconstruction to redefine every aspect of human existence according to God's law-word, not the latest idol that needs toppling à la Boniface.

But all is not lost, and the promises of God are true and everlasting. It is time for faithful warriors everywhere to grasp their swords, raise the banner, and stand in defiance until His enemies become His footstool.

Teaching Philosophy

The work of a teacher to improve a student extends beyond the lesson and their influence reaches beyond the classroom.

We are jigsaw pieces that must find the place in the puzzle where we discover our deepest satisfaction and most meaningful contribution.

I guide pupils on this journey to uncover, harness, and apply unique talents and interests to their lives, families, and local communities – the starting point of lasting change.

In different contexts and subjects, I point to the world with its many and problems, asking the questions: “What can you fix? What can you build?”

This vision is the WHY behind my work.

Statement of Faith

I am a born-again Christian, who was saved in my teenage years, and brought into a deeper theological maturity during my university years. I hold to the Westminster Confession and identify myself closest with the Reformed tradition.

We used to attend Yeovil Family Church and St John's Yeovil in the nearby town of the same name (in south-west England). However, due to the disgraceful and ongoing collusion of the English clergy with diabolical forces, my family is currently between churches.

God does not reform apostate churches, nor does he pour new wine into old wineskins. In the early months of 2022, we will establish a new community of believers in the local area with a long-term vision to build an alternative social order - 'Imperium in Imperio' - and resist any and all encroaching tyranny with the threefold weapons of bread, wine and word.

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