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Classic Learning Test’s suite of exams assess language arts and mathematics with content designed to engage students’ imaginations and problem-solving skills. These standardized exams equip educators with in-depth analytics to better understand how to meet students’ needs and maximize their potential.

Designed with homeschool families in mind, Classic Learning Test (CLT) offers assessments that fit students of all educational backgrounds. CLT's college entrance, college preparatory, and end-of-year exams for 3rd-12th graders test foundational skills in reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics, equipping students to reach their academic goals. Homeschool families love CLT exams because they offer

CLT offers eight exams:

View the list of authors used for passages on the tests HERE.

Kepler Ed Homeschooling Exam Dates 2024


For tens of thousands of students, the CLT and CLT10 are the best way to access scholarship dollars. All Kepler students who take the CLT and score 75 or above will receive a $100 scholarship toward any Kepler course. Students who take the CLT10 are eligible for $2,500 scholarships to a CLT partner college.

In addition, there are more than 100 colleges listed HERE that have tied scholarship dollars directly to CLT scores.

More About the CLT

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