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The CLT is the new standard for college entrance exams and Kepler is delighted to use the CLT exam to assess our students. While the CLT exam is only required for our Diploma Track students, we highly recommend that all Kepler students take the CLT exam appropriate to their grade level. The CLT standardized tests are extremely helpful for assessing students' overall academic competency and measuring their continued growth and achievements.

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) was developed as a greatly improved college entrance exam, taking advantage of contemporary technology, and testing students on more engaging material. View the list of authors used for passages on the tests HERE.

Students have stated that the exam is a positive experience when compared with other standardized tests, and no wonder: it is shorter than either the SAT® or the ACT®, allows a higher score than its competitors, is taken online, and offers scores and analytics within 24 hours (except in the case of the new remote-proctored CLT)—no tedious weeks of waiting. Moreover, the CLT is less expensive than the SAT® or ACT® when taken with essays, and features no hidden fees.



For tens of thousands of students, the CLT and CLT10 are the best way to access scholarship dollars. All Kepler students who take the CLT and score 75 or above will receive a $100 scholarship toward any Kepler course.

All students who take the CLT10 are eligible for $2,500 scholarships to a CLT partner college and the Kepler student with the highest CLT score each year will receive an additional $1000 scholarship (from Kepler) to one of the CLT partner colleges.

In addition, there are more than 100 colleges listed HERE that have tied scholarship dollars directly to CLT scores.

More About the CLT

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