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Natalie Brooks

Natalie Brooks

about the teacher

I live in Texas with my husband, Bryan, our small dog, and far too many cats. I loved books growing up, so studying English in college seemed natural. I graduated with my MA in 2017 and have since worked as a college composition instructor, English tutor, social media video editor, and elementary school English teacher before finally finding my current position as a high school Literature teacher at a small classical school.

I focused on rhetoric and composition in grad school which allowed me to explore a lot of different literary genres. My two favorite classes where Anglo-Saxon Literature and Digital Communication. Both of these classes exposed me to unfamiliar topics and pushed me to expand my understanding of literary analysis.

I was homeschooled from when I started elementary school to when I graduated high school. My parents decided to homeschool me and my siblings because they were missionaries in Ethiopia and there weren’t many other options. Once we returned to the U.S. for good, they decided to keep homeschooling us because they liked having the ability to tailor our education to our specific needs. I like to say that, even though I wasn’t classically educated, the values I learned …

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