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Helen Howell

Helen Howell

about the teacher

Helen was born in the Land of Enchantment and has lived in Albuquerque (where she loved green chile), Dallas (where she never rooted for the Cowboys), Chicagoland (where she appreciated the museums), and Idaho (which was a pleasant surprise). She is a former homeschooler who loved every minute of it except for the bits with algebra, with which she has since made her peace, and she decided at four that she wanted to be a librarian. She went to New Saint Andrews College for her Bachelor’s degree, then went back for her Master’s, mostly so she could keep talking about great books with great people. She is now a professional librarian who likes teaching research to college students. When she is not home-making for her husband and adorable four-year-old, she is cataloging her home library, teaching bagpipe lessons, laughing at terrible movies, bemoaning the state of YA literature, researching Beowulf or Tolkien, writing fantasy stories, and trying not to kill her garden.

Teaching Philosophy

My goals as a teacher are to love Christ, in whom all things consist; love my subjects, which are gifts to us from a loving Father; and love my students, who are learning to love these …

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Beowulf Meets Hrothgar
A Partial Translation
in Shield Wall: A Journal of Theological Poetics (2015/16, Volume 1, Number 4)


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